Theatres in Tokyo: Where to Watch Musicals

It is important to understand the characteristics of each area in Tokyo where theaters are located before choosing a musical to see. This article provides an introduction to each area’s features and the theaters located in those areas.

Hamamatsucho Area

Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, is home to three theaters of the Shiki Theater Company, one of the largest theater companies in Japan and the home of many Broadway productions. Hamamatsucho is easily accessible from Haneda Airport, so if you want to see a Broadway musical in Tokyo, Hamamatsucho should be your first stop! It also features long-running productions.

Yurakucho Area

Yurakucho is Tokyo’s historic theater district. The Imperial Theater, Nissay Theater, and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater have a long history and are three of Tokyo’s most famous theaters—the Imperial Theatre and the Nissay Theatre often present original Japanese musicals and Broadway productions. The Tokyo Takarazuka Theater is operated by the Takarazuka Revue Company, which is composed entirely of female actors.

Shibuya Area

Tokyu Theatre Orb is a theater designed for musical performances. Therefore, many Broadway productions and performances come on tour in Japan. Since there are many changes in production, please check the performance information regularly.

Ikebukuro Area

Akasaka Area

Nakano Area