Tokyo Musical Experiences in February, 2025: Schedule, Tickets, Theatre and More

Want a great musical experiences in Tokyo? Here is the list of Tokyo musicals for February 2025! Performance schedules, ticket information, and theater information are listed by production.

This list is updated regularly. It is organized by types of shows.

Other Musicals

These are Japanese versions of foreign musicals.

“HERO the musical” (ミュージカル『ヒーロー』)


The duo behind the musical adaptation of “October Sky” will present a heartwarming and moving original musical for the first time in Japan at the Theatre Creative! The production will be directed by Ikko Ueda, an up-and-coming director who has been remarkably active in the field, and will present a new portrayal of a hero.

Hero Butowski, an aspiring comic book artist, lives with his father.
He works at his family’s comic store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
One thing in high school broke Hero’s heart and he was unable to move forward.
One day, his high school girlfriend Jane comes back to town. They had broken up due to a difference in their feelings, but when they meet again for the first time in 10 years, the misunderstanding of those days is cleared up and they grow closer together again. Hero also receives a contract offer for a comic he had been working on, which he had been sending to a publishing company, and he was enjoying smooth sailing and happy days. One day, however, his father suddenly collapses and dies, and he decides to give up his dream of becoming a comic artist.

    February, 2025 – March, 2025 (Details to be announced)
    Theatre Creation
    “HERO the musical” (written in Japanese)
    (Details to be announced)

(Details to be announced)