Tokyo Musical Experiences in January, 2025: Schedule, Tickets, Theatre and More

Want a great musical experiences in Tokyo? Here is the list of Tokyo musicals for January 2025! Performance schedules, ticket information, and theater information are listed by production.

This list is updated regularly. It is organized by types of shows.

West End Musicals

These are West End musicals that will be performed in Japanese.

“Les Misérables” (ミュージカル『レ・ミゼラブル』)


Whether the show will begin in November has not yet been determined.

Based on his own experiences, the master of French literature, Victor Hugo, wrote an epic novel set in France’s turbulent period of the early 19th century, which clearly depicts the social conditions and the lives of the people of that time. The musical, which fully captures the essence of the original story, including “ignorance and poverty,” “love and faith,” “revolution and justice,” and “pride and dignity,” was first performed in London in 1985 and premiered in Japan at the Imperial Theatre in June 1987.

Jean Valjean, who spent 19 years in prison for stealing a slice of bread due to poverty, is released from prison with a hatred for society. He finds lodging for the night in a church and steals a silver candlestick. However, when he is caught, Bishop Mirière tells him that it was given to him.
This awakens Jean Valjean’s conscience, and he changes his name and becomes the mayor of a town. However, Inspector Javert, who has been assigned to the town, has doubts about Jean Valjean’s identity and pursues him relentlessly.
Jean Valjean adopts Cosette, the daughter of a poor prostitute, and disappears from Javert’s life.
Jean Valjean is reunited with Cosette, who has grown up in a convent in Paris, and enjoys a brief moment of peace. However, he loses his life defending Cossette’s fiancée, Marijus, from a bullet fired by Javert, who has followed him.

    2024 – 2025 (Details to be announced)
    Imperial Theatre
    Les Misérables” (written in Japanese)
    (Details to be announced)

(Details to be announced)