“SIX the Musical” will be performed in Japan for the first time in January 2025!

“SIX the Musical,” which has won 35 awards worldwide, including the Tony Award for Best Original Score and Best Costume Design for a Musical, will make its Japan debut in January 2025.

Six wives of King Henry VIII, the most famous tyrant in British history, sing their dramatic lives to catchy pop and rock tunes in “SIX the Musical,” an 80-minute nonstop live performance. The subject of the musical is the spectacular fates of Henry VIII’s six former wives.

The first queen, Catherine of Aragon, divorced the king due to marry his mistress after many years of marriage; the second, Anne Boleyn, successfully plundered her way to the throne only to be beheaded; the third, Jane Seymour, gave birth to the king’s long-awaited son but died in childbirth; The fourth queen, Anna of Cleves, divorced immediately because she did not resemble the portrait she had seen before her marriage. The fifth queen, Catherine Howard, was beheaded for suspected secret meetings with a former lover.The sixth queen, Catherine Parr, predeceased the king and survived.

After living their own harsh lives, these girls return to the present day and form a girls band to compete in the “Who got treated the worst by King Henry VIII!” and compete in song to determine the lead singer.

The work was created by students at Cambridge University in 2017, and when it was presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, it immediately became the talk of the town, and a UK tour was soon confirmed. It was an instant hit and will perform in the West End in 2019. After a UK and North American tour, the play will be performed on Broadway in 2020. In 2019, it was nominated for five Olivier Awards in Best Picture, Supporting Actor, Music, Choreography, and Costume Design. At the 2022 Tony Awards, it was nominated in eight categories and won the Best Costume Design for a Musical Award for Best Costume Design of a Musical and Best Original Score. The much-talked-about hit musical, which has captivated audiences worldwide and sent them into a frenzy, has finally arrived in Japan for the first time. The show will be performed in English with Japanese subtitles, similar to the Japanese version.

*This article is an English translation of the Japanese article.